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soft cases for lute-backs

Gigbags for hurdy-gurdies with lute-back

we offer 3 types of gig bags:
- the “simply padded”

- the 7-sided

- the 8-sided
padded and 8-sided gigbag

the “simply padded” (the one in front)
The name is the concept: this gig bag is padded all around. It is light and ideal in all places where you need a rather light protection for your instrument. The gig bag is made - as all our gig bags - from a solid fabric like it is used for backpacks. It has an outside pocket for accessories like cotton or rosin. For transport there's a shoulder strap as well as a handle..

8-sided gigbag
The 7- & the 8-sided            

The idea is simple: long pieces of plastic with upholstery foam on the inner side suround your instrument and give structure to this gig-bag. These segments, linked by the fabric of the bag, are flexible enough to follow the form of your instrument and to create the space it needs - and they are hard enough to protect it at the same time. Using the bag as a backpack the gurdy is transported “head-down”, so there will never be any pressure on the crank. and the axle. And there´s a place for accessories as well: we´ve placed a removable inside bag in the top of the gig bag giving enough space for cotton, rosin etc.
The difference between the two models is the number of segments: the 7-sided is the choice for lute-backs with a smaller belly for example like the newer models of Kurt Reichmann. The 8-sided is the right one for the bigger lute backs like the traditional French ones. Both models have the removable inside pocket, a handle and backpack-straps that can be used as shoulder straps as well.
7 & 8-sided gigbag

dimensions lute-back
Like hurdy-gurdies - gig bags for hurdy-gurdies are something quite special and unique. With an order we need the following measurements:
* the maximum girth of your hurdy-gurdy (usually over the wheel protection)
* the length from the head to the wheel
* the complete length incl-crank and knob
With these measurements we can assist you in finding the best fitting option for your instrument. 7-sided and 8-sided as well as “simply padded” bags in standard sizes are usually in stock - often also in different lengths. And if we can´t find the right gig-bag to fit your belongings we´re happy to order it for you!

Price list

“the simply padded” (up to ca. 78cm length; ca. 900g)
€ 109,-
“the 7-sided” for smaller lutebacks (up to ca. 74cm length, ca. 1,8kg)
€ 149,-
“the 8-sided” for bigger lutebacks (up to ca. 76cm length, ca. 2,8kg)
€ 159,-
“the 8-sided XL” for big lutebacks (up to ca. 84cm length
€ 169,-
All prices incl. 19% German VAT excl. p&p!

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