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restrictions of use

As a small company based in Germany we regard it as a service for our customers to provide our website in german and english. We do not have a web-shop! This website is for your information only. Orders are welcome via mail or e-mail and of course you can make an appointment to meet us in Eppingen to see and test our products. We trade according to our "allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen" (terms of trade) only. This means that all customers are treated according to the same regulations like those buying in our local shop in Eppingen, Germany. Placing an order means you accept these conditions.

We will store data like name, contact details, phone numbers, e-mail adresses and all the information linked with a purchase or a request as long as we may need to do so according to german legal regulations. Our website uses cookies which will not be forwarded to a third party. The cookies are only there for our own information about usage of our website and visitors interests. They are linked with a database on our own server, so no information will be forwarded to a third party. We do not collect IP adresses or any other personalised information with these cookies.

Using this website you accept these conditions. In case you should need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Christoph Waidler
historische Musikinstrumente
Pestalozzistr. 13
75031 Eppingen
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